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Classification & Compensation

The following information is for agency HR staff and is related to classification and compensation.

Annual Increments - Please see Increments

Block 50

Click HERE to access block 50 information, as it relates to job classes and agencies, available on the Organizational Management page.

Career Service

Request to Confirm 16 Years Career Service



Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Click HERE for FLSA information and tests.

Federally Funded Time Limited (FFTL)

Click HERE to access the fact sheet available on the Reference page.


Click HERE to access job information available on the Org Management page.


Click HERE to access increment information available on the Personnel Administration page.

Multilingual Premium per 101 KAR 2:034 Section 9 (3)

Request for Approval

Set-up Instructions


Position Information


Organizational Charts

NOTE: Enterprise structure information is available on the Org Management page.

Position/Personnel Action Request (PAR)

Position/Personnel Action Request (PAR) - These standardized forms have been created for your convenience and 'optional' internal use; except for Voids/Corrections-Retro Processing, which require the use of these forms in order for the Personnel Cabinet to process said actions. They reflect the HCMPF forms used in KHRIS and can assist you in gathering the necessary information needed for internal approval as well as entry into KHRIS.

Position Descriptions

Instructions to Print from MSS





Click HERE to access reorganization information and documents.


Click HERE to access report information and instructions.


Conversion of

Example of Salary Computation


Shift Premium


Instructions for Processing an Approved Shift Premium Request

Revoke Request

Instructions for Processing an Approved Shift Premium Revoke Request

Working Title

Click HERE to access working title information available on the Org Management page.

Can't find what you're looking for or need further assistance?

Click HERE to submit a Business Request. It will be routed  and assigned to a consultant for assistance. Please provide as much information as possible but do NOT include SSN within the request subject or description. Sensitive information should only be provided within an attachment to the request.


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