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COS Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting guide for COS Agency users.

Key word or phrase Symptom Possible cause Possible solution


Names and addresses are sometimes missing from the application. 

This occurs when a person creates an account and completes the application, but does not apply to a job.  The contact information will not auto-populate the application until the person edits/re-saves the information or applies to a posted vacancy. 

Ask the applicant to login to COS, click Edit your profile, click the application tab, and then save the application.  If it is not feasible to ask the applicant, contact COSHelp@ky.gov.


The user receives the following message when trying to open an eLinked application or req:  This page is no longer accessible for security reasons.

The message appears when the eLink has expired.  Documents sent via eLink can be accessed four times within seven days.

Contact the sender.  Request that the eLinked document(s) be sent again.


The user does not receive system communications, including password reset emails and new req notifications. 

The emails may be going to quarantine or a junk folder.  Or, the email address associated with the user's account is incorrect.

Confirm emails are not being routed to junk folders.  Check the email address through the Agency Security Contact (ASC) or email COSHelp@ky.gov.  If the email address is incorrect, the ASC will need to submit a change through the access control process.

Error message

The user receives this message when navigating in COS:  Unexpected error. System not responding.

This is most likely an intermittent system performance error that will not be repeated more than a couple of times in a session.

If the problem persists, clear the browser cache and reboot the computer.  Contact COSHelp@ky.gov if the problem is still present.


The user sees a blank, white screen after logging in to COS.

The Internet Explorer web browser is not set for Compatibility View.

Engage the Compatibility View for brassring.com.


The user receives this message when trying to log in:  You have entered an invalid username or password. Please try again.

The letters in the username must be capitalized in the format ABC1234.  The password is case sensitive.

Confirm you are trying to access the correct website, https://trm128.brassring.com/cok/  Confirm the username is correct.  If so, click the Forgot your password? link.  An email will be sent to you with instructions.


When trying to print an application as a pdf document, the window acts like it is going to open, but then disappears.

The pop-up blocker is preventing the window from opening.

Set a pop-up blocker exception for *.brassring.com.


When trying to access a req, this message appears:  There are no reqs in this language. Go to a different language or select a different req status to view.  

BrassRing software is used globally.  This is standard language, most likely indicating the user is not part of the req team.  Users can only see reqs where they are req team members, req creators, or agency approvers.

Confirm the req number is correct.  If you still cannot access it, contact your agency HR representative and request to be added to the req team.


The user can see the requisition, but cannot see any applicants in the req folder.

Agency users can only see applicants at designated HR statuses.  For merit reqs, the applicants will not be viewable until the register has been certified.

Wait until the second business day after the posting ends.  If you still cannot see applicants in the req folder, contact your agency's HR representative or email COSHelp@ky.gov.