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Demotion - please see Voluntary

Direct Deposit

Click HERE to access forms available under Benefits/Pay/Direct Deposit on the Personnel Cabinet website

Dual Employment

Request for Dual Employment

Educational Achievement Awards

Request for Educational Achievement Award

Educational Leave


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Reversal

EFT Reversal Request Form


eMARS Request Form

Employee Education Assistance


Employee Performance Evaluation [101 KAR 2:180]

Click HERE to access the forms and information available on the Personnel Cabinet website.

Extension Request Form

Employee Suggestion System [101 KAR 2:210]

Click HERE to access Kentucky Employee Suggestion System information available on the Personnel Cabinet's website

Employment Eligibility Verification - Please see I-9

ERA - please see ACE

Exit Interview

All employees separating from state service, except those in time-limited positions, shall be provided with an exit interview questionnaire from their HR. (Managers/Supervisors should NOT provide this to the separating employee.) If an agency has not developed their own and/or received confirmation from the Personnel Cabinet that it meets the necessary requirements, the following standard questionnaire has been developed for use. If necessary, add the proper mailing information to the form or provide a return addressed envelope, to allow for proper return and processing. Should the employee elect to complete and return the document, it should be reviewed and retained in the employee's agency personnel file.

Exit Interview Questionnaire