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Manual Adjustment


Instructions for Completing Form  

Marketplace Notice

Notice to Employee (to be provided to ALL employees during onboarding/orientation) 

Mediation [101 KAR 2:230]

Click HERE to access related forms available on the Personnel Cabinet website

Member & Employer Certification Regarding Reemployment

Form (Formerly entitled: Authorization for Returning Retirees)


Request for Merit Hiring Action

Agency Process Instructions

Form (Instructions for completing form)


Leave- Designation Form

Multilingual Premium

Request for Approval of Multilingual Premium per 101 KAR 2:034 Section 9(3)


Click HERE to access non-merit information and forms available under Class & Comp


Onboarding/Orientation Checklist

Click HERE for agency guidance regarding use of the checklist.

Onboarding/Orientation Checklist for Position # Change/Transfer Employees

Click HERE for agency guidance regarding use of the checklist.

Outside Employment

Employee Request and Agency Response Form

Overtime [101 KAR 2:102]

Overtime Compensation Election Form

Performance Evaluation - please see Employee Performance

Personal Information

Update Request

Personal Service Contractor (PSC) - please see FICO

Position Descriptions (PD)


Position/Personnel Action Request (PAR)



Pre-Termination Hearing Form

Previously Qualifying Service

Certification Form