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Organizational Management

The following information is for the agency HR office and is related to organizational management.

Block 50

Job Classes and Agencies Ineligible for Block 50 Payments

Click HERE to access block 50 processing and reporting information available on the Payroll page.


Enterprise Structure

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Click HERE to access FLSA information available on the Classification and Compensation page.

Federally Funded Time Limited (FFTL)

Click HERE to access the fact sheet available on the Reference page.


Click HERE to access the KHRIS Updates to HR Processing Forms webinar. ​

Click HERE to access FICO forms available on the Forms page.


Change Reports

EEO Job Categories

EEO Category Descriptions

Job Class Specifications (Job Series and Job Title/EEO lists are also available on this page.)

Organizational Charts

Click HERE to access organizational charts available on the Classification and Compensation page.

Positions (Maintaining)

How to Delimit

Creating/Maintaining a Working Title

Maintaining IT 1007 - Vacancy (Create requisition in MyPURPOSE)

Maintaining  IT 1018 - Cost Distribution

Creating a Reports To/ Line Supervisor Relationship

Maintaining a Reports To/Line Supervisor Relationship

Maintaining IT1028 - Address

Descriptions- Click HERE to access position description information available on the Classification and Compensation page.


Click HERE to access reorganization information available on the Classification and Compensation page.


Click HERE to access report information and instructions.

Shift Premium

Click HERE to access shift premium information available on the Classification and Compensation page.

Working Title

Create A Working Title

Additional Resources

Abbreviation List for Organization and Class Titles

Kentucky Counties - Codes

Probationary Periods

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