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Personnel Administration

The following information is for agency HR staff and is related to personnel administration.


Instructions for Requesting/Processing

    Request Form - ACE

    Request Form - ERA

Action Processing

Co-op/Intern- Agency Processing Instructions

Documentation/Workflow Required for Each Action Type/Reason

Request for Personnel Cabinet to Process Actions (for Boards and Commissions only)

Summary of Action Types/Reasons

Summary of Action Types/Reasons for County Fees/AOC/PVA

Voids versus Corrections


    In Legacy & KHRIS

    In KHRIS Only

Annual Increments - Please see Increments


Processing Instructions for Standard Contractors

Maintaining Personal Service Contractors

Demotion Form- See Voluntary Transfer

Detail to Special Duty

Employee Notification

Instructions for Completing Notification Form

Agency HR Checklist

Disciplinary & Personnel Actions Guide

Click HERE to access the Disciplinary & Personnel Actions Guide: Checklist & Example Letters available on the Legal page.

Dual Employment

Request for Dual Employment


Agency Guidance Pertaining to PM 2014-07 Sent on 5/6/14

Personnel Memo 2014-07: Annual Increments

Annual History

Increment Audit - Quarterly Audit Tips

Instructions for Processing Monthly List


Direct Update Infotypes (no form needed)

Infotypes Updated When Processing Certain Actions


Appointments/Reinstatements - Agency Responsibilities


Click HERE to access the KHRIS Updates to HR Processing Forms webinar, available on the Organizational Management page.

Leave Sharing

Click HERE to access annual and sick leave sharing information available on the Time & Leave (Quota) page.

Member & Employer Certification Regarding Employment

Form (Formerly entitled: Authorization for Returning Retirees)

Merit Hiring Action, Request for

Click HERE to access merit hiring action information available on the Forms-M page.

Months of Service

Click HERE to access months of service information available on the Time and Leave (Quota) page.

See State Service to access forms for verifying months of service for leave accrual purposes and career service.


Click HERE to access non-merit/unclassified information available on the Classification & Compensation page

Position/Personnel Action Request (PAR)

Request for Position/Personnel Action (PAR) Form - These standardized forms have been created for your convenience and 'optional' internal use; except for Voids/Corrections-Retro Processing, which require the use of these forms in order for the Personnel Cabinet to process said actions. They reflect the HCMP forms used in KHRIS and can assist you in gathering the necessary information needed for internal approval as well as entry into KHRIS.

Previously Qualifying Service

Certification Form


Click HERE to access reallocation form available on Classification & Compensation page.

Records Request

Click HERE to access record request forms available on the Legal page


Certification Form

FAQ- See Reversion


Click HERE to access report information and instructions

Returning Retirees, Authorization for- See Member & Employer Certification Regarding Employment


Reversion and Reinstatement- FAQ for Agencies


Click HERE to access salary information available on the Classification & Compensation page.

Salary Retention Form- See Voluntary Transfer

Signature Authorizations

Click HERE to access signature authorization forms available on the Legal page. Also available on Forms-S.

State Service

Request to Confirm 16 Years Career Service

State Service Request for Leave Accrual Purposes


See State Service to access request form to verify (confirm) career service status.

Voluntary Transfer

Voluntary Transfer/Demotion/Salary Retention Agreement Form

Unclassified- See Non-Merit


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