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The following information is for agency HR staff and is related to payroll.

Back Pay

Checklist for Processing Back Pay

Guidelines for Calculating Back Pay Ordered/Approved by Court or Administrative Agency

Employee Affidavit

Block Payments

Compensatory Leave Block Payments

Job Classes & Agencies Not Eligible for Block 50 Payments 


Process Information

Researching Claims Written Off, Instructions for



Deductions (IT0014 Recurring Payments and Deductions)

Order of Processing Deductions within KHRIS

Payment Models and Start Dates on IT0014 and IT0015

Deferral - Please see Payroll Deferral

Deferred Compensation

Calculation Tool

Pre-Tax Refunds (Quick Reference Guide)

Direct Deposit & Electronic Salary Statements

Policy Information and Agency Guidance

Click HERE to access direct deposit information available on state employee website.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Returned EFT Payments

Reversal Requests (Quick Reference Guide)

SAS-EFT Reversal Payment Agreement

SAS Payment Agreement


Request Form

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Click HERE to access FMLA information available on Time/Leave page.

Federally Funded Time Limited (FFTL)

Click HERE to access the fact sheet available on the Reference page.

Fringe Benefit Payments

Educational Assistance Payments

Moving Expense Reimbursements


       Click HERE to access increment information available on the Personnel Administration page.

Internal Revenue System (IRS)

Click HERE to access the IRS website.

Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC)    

Agency Instruction for Setting-up Pledges

Fax Cover for KECC Pledge Set-up Notice

Click HERE to access KECC information available on state employee website.

Kentucky Employer Identification Number (KEIN)

Change Time Status/KEIN/Account Template Form  


SAS EFT Reversal Payment Agreement

SAS Payment Agreement

Leave - Please see Quotas

Leave Sharing

Click HERE to access leave sharing information available on Time/Leave page.

Lost or Stolen Checks - Please see Paychecks

Manual Adjustments


Instructions for Completing Form


Request Instructions

Optional Insurance - Please see Payroll Deduction Program


Overtime Compensation Election Form

Pay/Payout Processing

Paying Deceased Employees

Paying Employee Appointed Mid Pay Period with Leave Without Pay Used within Same Period

Processing Gross Amount Payment or Retro Adjustment (WT3009) (Quick Reference Guide)


   Annual/Comp Payout to Terminated/Retired Employees - REPLACED! See Leave Balance Value document below.

    Leave Balance Value - Payout Information and Processing Instructions

    Paying out an Employee Reverted from Detail or Promotional Probation Due to Separation or Resignation (Payout)


Lost or Stolen (Quick Reference Guide)

Payment Models (Frequencies) - Please see Deductions

Payroll Deduction Program

Rate Changes

Click HERE to access program information available on state employee website.

Payroll Deferral

Guidance for Agencies

Click HERE to access deferral information available on state employee website.

Payroll Simulation

Instructions [Must have simulator security role.]

Quotas (Also available on the Time-Leave page)

Compensation Sheet

Correcting a Quota

Creating an Absence Quota

Leave (Quota) Balance Value - Payout Information and Processing Instructions

Paying Out Quota Balances(Quick Reference Guide)

Payout Request

Quota Overview Process


Post-tax (Quick Reference Guide)

Pre-Tax Installment Purchase Refund (Quick Reference Guide)

Pre-Tax Retirement (Quick Reference Guide)


Click HERE to access report instructions and samples.

Request for Payroll Information



Incorrect Plan Selected (Quick Reference Guide)

IT9015 Instructions for Employees with KTRS

Retirement Refunds - Please see Refunds

Wage Types - For Retirement Wage Types/Codes, please see Wage Types below

Click HERE to access the KRS website.

Click HERE to access the KTRS website.


Statements (Electronic), also available on the state employee website.

Click HERE to access other salary information available on the Classification and Compensation page.

Shift Calculation

Know the Difference with Premium Pay with the New Overtime Allocation

Shift Premium

Click HERE to access shift premium information available on the Org Management page.

Split Weeks

Click HERE to access split week/holding information available on the Time/Leave page


Click HERE to access tax information.


Click HERE to access timesheet information available on Time/Leave page.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Process Instructions

    Adjustment Worksheet

    Refund Certification Form


    Process Instructions

Wage Types

Detailed Wage Type Listing

Retirement Wage Type Changes

Work Schedules

Click HERE to access work schedule information available on the Time/Leave page.

Workers' Compensation

Buyback (Quick Reference Guide)

Buyback Calculator


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