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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a convenient, timesaving benefit offered to employees. With direct deposit, there's no worry that you check might be lost before it is deposited or cashed at your bank. If you are not at work on payday, there is no need to go to work in order to pick up your check or wait for the mail for its delivery. Your money will be immediately available for use at the time of deposit.

Direct Deposit Information and Enrollment Instructions 

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Direct Deposit - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Salary Statement

State Employees who have access to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature of the Kentucky Human Resources Information System (KHRIS), are also given access to an electronic version of their salary statement (check stub). All salary statements since KHRIS Go-Live (March 2011) are stored here and are accessible at any time. They can be viewed, saved and printed through ESS.

Instructions for Accessing Your Electronic Salary Statement

Additional Resources

Direct Deposit & Electronic Salary Statement Policy for New Employees - Effective 1/1/13