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Direct Deposit & Electronic Salary Statement - Policy for New Employees

Policy Information

Pursuant to recommendations issued by the Smart Government Initiative, all newly appointed or rehired executive branch employees, paid through the Kentucky Human Resources Information System (KHRIS), shall be paid through direct deposit. New employees shall utilize Employee Self-Service (ESS) to access their electronic salary statement – in lieu of receiving a printed check stub. Those exempted from this policy include county fees, day laborers, personal service contractors and state active duty.
The requirement of new employees to utilize direct deposit is the first step towards maximizing the utilization of electronic payments and minimizing the number of paper checks and pay stubs issued by the Commonwealth. 

The issuance of paper checks and stubs involves a cost for purchasing, processing and distributing checks and stubs. The use of direct deposit and ESS results in efficiencies for the State and provides employees with a reliable and efficient manner of receiving their pay. Cost savings to the state are realized by reducing operating and processing costs. Direct deposit provides employees convenience, as funds are available to the employee on payday regardless of vacation, illness, or inclement weather, and security, by eliminating the risk of lost or stolen checks and by providing enhanced confidentiality of payroll information.
To be exempted from this policy, employees may request a waiver which must be submitted to the Personnel Cabinet’s Department of Human Resources Administration’s Commissioner’s Office for approval. The requirements for these requests are addressed within the documents regarding waivers.


Beginning January 1, 2013
New Hires/Rehires must receive the following documentation during the onboarding process:

A copy of this document (Direct Deposit and Electronic Salary Statement Policy Information)

Direct Deposit and Electronic Salary Statement Employee Agreement

Direct Deposit Information and Enrollment Instructions 

Direct Deposit – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit and Electronic Salary Statement Hardship – Request for Waiver to be Exempted from Policy

Instructions for Accessing Your Electronic Salary Statement via ESS  

Agencies are responsible for ENFORCING THIS POLICY. The Personnel Cabinet will monitor compliance through reporting.​