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Organizational Charts

Structures are shown current, as-of the last approved reorganization.

General Government 

31: Cabinet Overview

31-030: Unified Prosecutorial System    

31-035: Department of Agriculture    

31-040: Attorney General

31-045: Auditor of Public Accounts    

31-074: Department of Veterans Affairs    

31-095: Department of Military Affairs    

31-125: State Treasurer    

Transportation Cabinet 

35: Cabinet Overview

35-625-01 thru 35-625-12: Department of Highways/Districts   

Cabinet for Economic Development

36: Cabinet Overview

Finance and Administration Cabinet 

39: Cabinet Overview

39-103: Office of PVA's 

39-130: Department of Revenue 

39-931 thru 39-962: County Fees

Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet 

50: Cabinet Overview

50-660: TAHC Fish & Wildlife 

50-670: Kentucky Department of Parks/Overview    

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet 

51: Cabinet Overview

51-531: Department for Workforce Investment    

51-540: Department of Education    

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

53: Cabinet Overview

53-721: Office of the Secretary    

53-728: Department for Public Health    

53-729: Department for Mental Health, Development Disabilities, and Addiction Services    

53-736: Department for Community Based Services    

53-746: Department for Medicaid Services                               

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

54: Cabinet Overview

54-523: Department of Juvenile Justice    

54-527: Department of Corrections    

Personnel Cabinet    

55: Cabinet Overview

Labor Cabinet    

56: Cabinet Overview

Energy and Environment Cabinet

57: Cabinet Overview

57-128: Department for Natural Resources    

57-129: Department for Environmental Protection    

Public Protection Cabinet

58: Cabinet Overview


Electorate of Kentucky

Statewide Executive Branch

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