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Kentucky State Government Co-op/Intern Program

The Kentucky State Government Co-op/Intern Program provides students the opportunity to combine academic studies with on- the-job training and experience while completing their education.  In addition to developing practical workplace skills in a variety of professional areas, interns are effectively introduced to career options in public service.  Agencies hosting interns benefit from the contributions of creative and innovative students.  Internships also serve as a recruiting tool for potential, future employees.

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Co-op/Intern Education Placement Program Guidelines

Program Information for High School Students

Program Information for Accredited College, University, Career and Technical College Students

All eligible cooperative education and internship high school students are required to complete an online application in the Career Opportunities System and self-nominate to the Co-op/Intern Program posting.

To complete the Academic Credit Agreement Form, click here 

 Contact Us 

 If you have any questions, please contact the Personnel Cabinet's Co-op/Intern Program Coordinator:

Rebekah Singleton
Personnel Cabinet
Department of Human Resources Administration
Division of Career Opportunities
State Office Building, 1st Floor
501 High Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
502.564.0512 (Fax)