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Program Information for High School Students

Employment of Co-op/Intern Student

Agencies may consider high school students:

    1. Enrolled on a full-time basis at an accredited Kentucky high school and in at least their junior year.  Co-op/Intern positions can be paid or unpaid. 
    2. Certified by their school as being enrolled in a structured training or tech-prep program or course of study for which practical, on-the-job experience is an integral part. 
    3. In good standing with the school with at least a 2.5 grade point average.  This grade point average must be maintained throughout the period the student is working in a Co-op/Intern position.

High school students must meet the program requirements and the state and federal Child Labor Law requirements with respect to age and working hours.

All eligible cooperative education and internship high school students are required to complete an online applicationin the Career Opportunities System and self-nominate to the Co-op/Intern Program posting.  Interested students must also submit the  Academic Credit Agreement form, and an unofficial copy of their transcripts to the Co-op/Intern Program Coordinator.  The Academic Credit Agreement form must be signed by a counselor, advisor or cooperative education coordinator at their respective educational institution.  The documents will be reviewed to ensure that all requirements are met before students are placed in the program. 

The documents must be mailed to:

Co-op/Intern Program Coordinator
Personnel Cabinet
State Office Building, 1st Floor
501 High Street
Frankfort, Kentucky  40601

On occasion, exceptions can be made to the 2.5 GPA requirement when the GPA is less than 2.5.  Educational administrators may contact the Co-op/Intern Program Coordinator to determine eligibility for placement.

Co-op/Intern Benefits

          • Are paid at an hourly rate and receive holiday pay for the hours they are scheduled to work. 
          • Earn sick leave and sick months of service if they work at least 100 hours in a month. 
          • Do not receive health/life insurance, retirement, annual leave or annual months of service.


Pay Grade 48   

Contact Us

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Personnel Cabinet's Co-op/Intern Program Coordinator:

Rebekah Singleton
Personnel Cabinet
Department of Human Resources Administration
Division of Career Opportunities
State Office Building, 1st Floor
501 High Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
502.564.0512 (Fax)