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State Service Verification

For leave accrual purposes:


Step 1:  Employee Request: If requesting verification of previous state service, an employee may complete the Employee        Request for State Service Verification.  The completed form must be provided to the agency human resources office.  

Step 2:  Agency Review: The agency human resources office will be responsible for initially reviewing the information provided. If the employee does not have previous service with an eligible agency, OR if the employee only has service within the current agency, the agency HR office should respond to the inquiry in accordance with legislation.  

Step 3:  Personnel Cabinet Review: If the employee has service in eligible agencies which the HR administrator does not have security authorization to view, the HR administrator should submit the Employee Request for State Service Verification to the Personnel Cabinet through the Business Request procedures. The assigned consultant will exhaust all resources to locate the history provided on the form, verify the service and leave accrued, and provide the HR administrator with a detailed account of accumulations by employment using the new Record of Service form. Providing this information will help the employee understand how the service is allocated.  

To confirm 16 years (career) service:

Career service is identified as having completed sixteen (16) or more years of permanent full time classified and/or unclassified state service (or the part time employment equivalent of at least sixteen (16) years of full time state service).

If an employee believes they have achieved this term of service, they may complete and submit the Request to Confirm 16 Years Career Service form.


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