​Request Type

Choose the appropriate request type for processing (only 1 request type per form):

    1. Add
    2. Change (all existing system access is removed and replaced with currently requested access)
    3. Revoke (select Revoke to display required choices)
      • Revoke Emergency
        1. KHRIS - User ID will be locked and expired (before PA action removes all access from person occupying position)
        2. COS, CICS, Document Direct and Workflow can also be revoked for emergency purposes
      • Revoke System(s) -  to revoke all user access from COS, CICS, Document Direct and/or Workflow
      • Revoke Role from Position - to delimit role on position. This also removes selected role(s) from person occupying position -     KHRIS
      • Revoke Organization -  to delimit selected role(s) organizational access on position.  This also removes selected organizational access from person occupying position - KHRIS 

Employee Information

Complete entirely and accurately. Obtain employee information from transaction code PA20. 


    1. Using the Role drop down menu, select the appropriate role to be assigned (1 per line). Training is required for Roles highlighted with a red border.
    2. List the correct organizational number for access in the KHRIS ORG# box. If the organizational number is outside the Agency, select External ORG# and provide a justification in the justification box.
    3. Do not assign any of the following roles to the position if the ZC:HR_GENERALIST role is assigned to the position:
          • ZP:FN_COLD_P1_DOCS_ALL
          • ZS:TM_REPORTING

These single roles are part of ZC:HR_GENERALIST. If adding ZC:HR_GENERALIST to the position, also submit a revoke to remove any of the above single role(s) if on the position. 

OM/PA Action Workflow Approver

    1. Are assigned to Agency (Cab/Dept) level orgs. Should be assigned to the highest parent org for which the user has responsibility.
    2. Are assigned to Positions
    3. For Action Reasons (not currently Reason Types).
    4. Requires at least 1 Agency level, can have up to 6. 

Leave Sharing

Should be assigned to the highest parent org for which the user has Leave Sharing responsibility 

Ceridian COBRA Access

    1. Ceridian is the administrator for COBRA enrollment and premium billing.
    2. Insurance Coordinators and HRG's must access to Ceridian to enter terminations of benefits for members and their qualified beneficiaries (dependents).
    3. KEHP is required by law to offer COBRA to employees and dependents who have a loss of coverage.
    4. Indicate if the user is replacing an existing coordinator; and if so, list leaving coordinator's name so that their Ceridian access can be removed from your company.
    5. For questions regarding Ceridian/COBRA, contact Sherry Davis at sherryj.davis@ky.gov or 502-564-5612.


    1. Please provide Legacy ID in the Legacy ID box. Legacy ID = Mainframe ID (created by COT).
    2. Please provide the 13 digit Organization Number, Cabinet – Unit, (i.e. 55-999-99-99-99-99).
    3. Select only the applications needed to perform job duties.
    4. Justification is required for access to Organizations outside of Agency.

Application Explanations:

EP1 = PERSONNEL AND POSITION HISTORY (established 1984) - Inquire Only

The Personnel and Position History file is maintained by the Department of Human Resources Administration and is updated daily. The file represents all personnel actions that were approved as of close of business that day, if the effective date is for the current or prior pay period. This file contains all P-1's on all employees beginning January 1, 1984. The file can be accessed by name, Social Security Number, or position number. A justification must accompany a request to access EP1.

PCS = POSITION CONTROL SUMMARY (established 1987) - Inquire Only

This file is a summary that breaks down information by the employment status code and the number of filled or vacant positions. It also will show a breakdown of the FLSA codes and race/sex---male/female. This file is an excellent management tool.

PCL = POSITION CONTROL ROSTER (established 1987) - Inquire Only
This file is by organization, listing name, employee number, title code/abbreviation, position number, grade, position status, race/sex, employee status, FLSA, and work county. This information is updated daily. It also will show any pending personnel action that has been submitted by the agency.

IRA =I NSTANT RECORD ANALYSIS (established 1987) - Inquire Only

This file is used as a management tool. The system provides an up-to-date overview of an employee's personnel record. It also displays the annualized increase percent for the last five years.

PAY-POPY = PAYROLL INFORMATION (established 1984) - Inquire Only

This file shows the various screens of all employees from the basic employee information down to their deductions. Based on the level of security agency payroll officers can inquire the file.

P1L = P-1 LISTING - Inquire Only

This is a report of P-1 actions that have been approved by the Personnel Cabinet, by pay period.

TRE = Teacher's Retirement - Inquire Only

DTC = DETAIL TITLE CODE (established 1990) - Inquire Only

This file gives users up-to-date information on salary comparisons for a particular title code in any agency, by county.

TCL = TITLE CODE (established 1996) - Inquire Only

This file provides title code information such as effective date, title, pay grade, entry rate, and shift rate, (if authorized).


This file allows the appropriate individual to review the evaluation ratings for their employees'.

PD = POSITION DESCRIPTION (established 1998) - Inquire Only

This file represents a high performance technology to allow the PD to flow on-line with the p-1 for preparation and processing. It also stores the history of the PD, which gives agencies and the Personnel Cabinet valuable information if needed.

W2 = W2 Copies for Employees (established 2003) - Inquire Only - Access is W

This is a copy of the W 2's for employees It can be used to print copies when necessary. Access is W. 

Document Direct

    1. Please provide Legacy ID in the Legacy ID box. Legacy ID = Mainframe ID (created by COT).
    2. Please provide the 13 digit Organization Number, Cabinet – Unit, (i.e. 55-999-99-99-99-99).
    3. Enter report names needed (i.e. All Personnel and Payroll reports or All PERPAY reports).
    4. Justification is required for access to Organizations outside of Agency.  


Select Desired:

    1. User Type in the Agency User Types Box
    2. Requisition Creator – (Recruiter) and/or
    3. Agency Approver – (Manager) and/or
    4. Kenexa 2x User – (Pre-selected for you)
        • If deactivating an employee's COS profile and it is tied to an open requisition(s), please complete the Transfer Requisition Ownership section of the form to whom you are transferring requisition(s).